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Solar drying of herbs

For drying medicinal herbs, teas and other herbs CONA offers special solar driers. All driers are designed to assure that the herbs can be processed in a hygienic way. The airstream in the drying-chambers is horizontal and gets distributed evenly.

The herbs are not directly exposed to sun to protect color, taste, aroma and ingredients. The drying process in the dark drying-chambers preserves the essential oils in the herbs in contrast to the drying process in direct solar radiation!

The bottom of the drying-chambers is covered with stainless steel and the sieves are made of stainless steel too. For that reason a hygienic production for food industry is possible.

Ventilators insert air and distribute it evenly. The driers protect the herbs from insects and dust with air filters, insect lattices and much more.

CONA offers different sizes of herb driers (see models).

Today more than 100.00 people can be supplied with medicinal herbs dried with CONA solar driers.

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