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Drying Fruits

Since 1998 CONA is developing solar fruit driers, which are continuously improved. But not only fruits can be dried with CONA fruit driers, also herbs, spices, medicinal herbs, fish and meat. At the moment more than 100 different products are dried with CONA solar driers in more than 35 different countries.

Solar dried chili. The colour stayed perfect.

Advantages of CONA’s solar driers

  • The whole harvest of one season can be preserved for a later point in time.
  • Color, taste, aroma and ingredients are conserved because the product is protected from light in the drying chamber.
  • Because of the improved horizontal drying process a very even drying result is reached. Within one drying chamber there is no need for redistribution.
  • Without any additives it is possible to get a 100% natural product.
  • The use of high quality materials like glass and stainless steel makes a professional and hygienic production possible. That is important for sale and for getting respective certificates and permission.
  • The investment costs pay off quickly because of low running costs.
  • The whole drying facility is designed for solar operation and therefore a very energy efficient and effective technology is used.

Meanwhile solar drying of fruits is increasingly used by large companies, which are also producing for export. Important for big solar drying plants is an optimal and individual planning for an interoperable solar production.

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A video of the benefits of CONA solar drying on the example Colombia.