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Drying fruits

Our solar fruit-driers are mainly operating in Latin America. For further information please feel free to contact our partners directly.

Semiindustrial solar drying plant SF400 for moringa herb drying in Cuba

In September, 2016 the 5th solar drying of CONA started in Cuba to produce dried moringa leaves. At the institute Finlay moringa is dried in the best quality for moringa tea, moringa powder and moringa capsules.

The solar drying plant for moringa has installed 60 m² solar area on the roof of the house and with it a thermal top achievement of approx. 43 kW.

Inside of the processing building 2 drying lines of the model SF400 were installed.

Every line has 4 high grade steel trolleys on which the moringa leaves can be loaded directly in the processing area. Thus a practical and especially hygienic work is also guaranteed.

We personally explain many other advantages of this arrangement to you with pleasure.

If you want to know more about this arrangement, Opens internal link in current windowcontact us!

Solar drying in Bolivia at about 4000-m sea!
Solar llama meat drying. With different spices for a diverse taste!
A mixed filled drying chamber. It is important that the taste directions are also similar and the drying duration of the single products.
SF75s for the drying of meat, fruit, vegetables ...
Solar drying SF25 to dry fruits, vegetables, meat, ...

Solar drying in Bolivia at about 4,000-m above sea level:

3 drying plants were recently put into operation in Bolivia.

This are the first drying plants on about 4,000 metres above sea level!!!

Products specific for the country like llama meat, sheep and many tropical fruits were already dried.

The Austrian organisation INTERSOL www.intersol.at has organised the project on site and their employees have started running the dryers and have handed over.

We wish furthermore a lot of success with the arrangements!

Solar algea drying on the Azores.
Solar algea drying for the cosmetic industry.
CEO of Sea Expert by the introduction of his solar drying for algae.

Solar alga drying on the Azores in Portugal

The enterprise seaExpert dries recently their algae for the cosmetic industry by solar dryer model SF75s of CONA.

The first test run were under complicated conditions with 99% of air humidity. But also there the algae became dry.

Who is interested more in the project, can have a view on their website:


Solar fruit drying in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica were recently installed 60 m² solar area for the drying of fruits, herbs....

The dryers have a filling volume of 300 kg of fresh fruits, these are used almost completely. The fruit flesh is sold as biological sweet specialty and the bowls are also dried and processed to tea. 

300 kg of fresh fruit are in 4 separate drying chambers per 75 kg. Therefore at the same time different products can be dried.

Under the solar arrangement there is an energy memory, the drying can continue also at night.

Solar drying arrangement SF25 for the drying of wild herbs for biological soup seasoning
Biological soup seasoning with wild herbs, ecologically and qualitatively high grade drying, without preservative.

Solar herbal drying in Wartberg/Krems in Upper Austria

Mr. Baldinger has the model SF25 and dries with it primarily wild herbs. He mixes this on the one hand to a biological soup seasoning and on the other hand he feeds on it his pig to save veterinarian's costs.

With pleasure you can acquire his products from him and/or contact him for an inspection.

Roland Baldinger

Penzendorf 17

A-4552 Wartberg/Krems

0043 676 8212 51 634


Solar drying by CONA for ginger, curcuma and cinnamon drying in Guadalupe.

Solar drying model SF50 in Guadalupe for ginger, curcuma and cinnamon drying

The enterprise Karupodha produces home-made syrups and teas from ginger, curcuma and cinnamon. The enterprise manages itself some hectares around the products from own hand to be able to produce. Therefore it was also important to them to be able to do the drying themselfs and do it in an environmentally friendly way.

Contact only in French

Enterpris Karupodha

920 A chemin Dereynal

97170 Petit-Bourg



2 solar drying plants SF75s installed in Kosovo in Mitrovica

The organisation INITIATIVE KOSOVO FOR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT OF bought 2 solar drying plants for 2 farmer families to dry many mushrooms, strawberries and herbs. For the initial working they bought also a starter set the "professional tools".

If you want to have a look at these solar drying plants, send please before e-mail to the following address: info@iadk.org

Solar fruit drying in El Salvador:

The new, second solar drying arrangement for fruits, vegetables, herbs and a lot more has started in Guarjila, Chalatenango, in El Salvador.

The arrangement has 40 m² solar area for drying their fruits, herbs, vegetables and a lot more. Afterwards of drying they sell the products revalued as for example as herbal salt.

To be able to continue the drying also at night, the arrangement has an energy memory where the excessive energy of the day is stored and at night the drying through the energy memory can be continued.

We wish a lot of success with their new solar drying plant!

Solar fruit-drying in Guatemala

400m2 solar collectors incl. rock bed storage.

50 jobs mainly for women in rural areas have been created because of this drying facility.

Opens external link in new windowVisit their website

Solar fruit-drying in El Salvador

60m2 solar collectors and 3 drying-chambers SF75 which are connected in parallel. Pineapple, hibiscus and much more get dried in this facility.



Solar fruit-drying in Nicaragua

30m2 solar collectors in Cino Pinos with 6 drying-chambers each with a capacity of 25kg fresh fruits and 10 sieves.

Solar fruit-drying in Cuba

60m2 solar collectors heat 8 drying-chambers SF50. Two drying-facilities have been installed in Cuba, one in Boyeros and one in Bano.





Solar fruit-drying in Uzbekistan

More than 800m2 solar collectors are drying huge amounts of wild cherries and other special fruits in Uzbekistan.

The company Lemberona is drying different kinds of fruits which are growing in Uzbekistan for selling it in Central Europe.

Opens external link in new windowThe factory produces their dried products in a very green way.

Watch here a little tour in the drying property in Uzbekistan:

Solar fruit-draying in El Salvador

30m2 solar collectors including rock bed storage with a capacity of 150kg of fresh fruits.

Solar drying of fruits in Spain

Two fruit driers SF25 are operating in the University of Madrid. Each dryer has a capacity of 25kg fresh fruits.

The driers have been installed from our customer itself with the help of the manual.