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Drying wood chips

On this site we show you a small selection of realized drying plants. If you like to have an extensive list of our references please feel free to contact us.

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Solar drying plant for wood chips in Wartberg/Krems (Austria)
Solar drying for drying wood chips for a micro thermal power station.

Solar biomass drying for wood chips.
Solar drying of wood chips.
Solar drying of biomass, especially really wet wood chips. >50% water content.

2. Enlargement of the solar wood chip drying:

348 m² solar area in 3 stages

Josef Manzenreiter, saw mill in Waldburg / Upperaustria

In 2006 Josef Manzenreiter decided to dry his saw rubbish and to sell worth-increased dried wood chips.

Already a year after he noticed that the inquiry for dry material is very high and he extended his solar wood chip drying on the double size. Now 96 m² became 192 m². And from 2,000 m³ dryed material became more than 4,000 m³.

The saw work yields sank from year to year and thus Mr. Manzenreiter decided together with his son-in-law to an other enlargement of the qualitative dried wood chip production and extended his solar wood chip drying arrangement now a second time. This time about 156 m², therefore the whole roof surface is completely full with solar air collectors. 348 m² solar surface dry him per year about 8,000 m ³ wet wood chips.     

2 drying boxes with a filling volume of about 100 m³ wood chips. Annual drying achievement of about 2000 m³ and a revaluation of the wood chips by about 45% (440,000 kWh)
96 m² solar surface with a thermal top achievement of about 67 kW for the drying of high-class wood chips.
High-class dried woodchips "Alterpellet"

Solar wood chip drying of CONA in Italy:

Since 2015 high-quality and actively dryed wood chips are also produced in Italy, in Turin.

The solar wood chip drying has 96 m² solar surface with a thermal top achievement of 67 kW and two drying boxes with a filling volume of approx. 100 m³ per load.

Per year the arrangement will be able to dry about 2000 m³ wet wood chips (>40%) and revalue with it by about 440,000 kWh (about 45% more).

SEA - Sustainable Energy Analyses research group

Polytechnic University of Turin - Department of Energy - ITALY

tel +390110904529

mail: sea@polito.it

The solar wood chip drying also works on sunny days in winter.
For the manipulation of the wood chips you can use any kind of bigger tractor.
Solar wood chip drying of CONA. Safe energy from the summer to the winter.

Solar wood chip drying in Riegsee/Germany

Mr. Miller Georg dries since 2010 with a solar wood chip drying his really wet chips. (>50%)

First he installed 48 m² solar surface and a drying box with 60srm. He dried with it approx. 800-1000srm per year.

After a year this property got too small and he installed a 2 drying plant to dry the double amount of wood chips.

If you are interested to have a look at his arrangement, you can visit him. Please contact him for an appointment.


Georg Miller, Leibensberg 1, D-82418 Riegsee, Tel.: +491787827652


Solar woodchip drying in Sarnen in Switzerland.
Paul Küchler has 48 m² solar surface.
He combined the arrangement for the drying of hay and biomass.

First solar drying plant for wooden chips in Styria (Austria)
Mr. Hammerl is our pioneer in Styria. His plant has 46m2 of solar collectors, 6 runnig meter of air collecotrs.

New built solar drying plant in Hochburg/Ach (Austria)
In late summer 2011 the new building for drying biomass was built. The building was designed for the solar drying plant so that the technology is used very efficiently. The whole roof on the southern side is covered with solar collectors and the air shafts are very short. The whole drying plat has 96m2 solar collectors and is able to dry about 1800 bulk cubic metres per year.

Solar drying of wood chips with the system of CONA Solar

Robert Wiedemann, Steingarde (Germany)
For managing a sawmill economically it is important to get good price for residual wood. Because of the high demand of dry wood chips Robert Wiedemann was searching for a appropriate drying system. For him it was important to dry the damp wood chips at low costs and with little energy consumption. That’s why he choose a CONA drying plant.

Sawmill dries wood chips by solar technology of CONA Solar.
Solar drying of wood chips.
Biomass drying of CONA by the sawmill Wiedemann in Germany.